Termite Inspections

We begin every job with a thorough inspection of the property to accurately assess the risk of future termite damage, or the level of damage already incurred. From this inspection we can determine the appropriate treatment, estimate a completion time, and provide an accurate quote.

These inspections typically take around 2 hours, depending on the property type and size. We use the highest quality and most reliable tools for sounding timber, moisture tests, and in concealed areas a TCI Thermatrac unit and the Flir Thermal Imaging camera reveal hidden termite activity and damage.

During a standard inspection, we thoroughly examine roof voids, internal walls, sub floor and surrounding outdoor areas.

We recommend termite inspections at least once per year and have prepaid inspection plans. If you’re in an area highly susceptible to termite infestation, as often as two to four times annually can help ensure you uncover an infestation before serious damage occurs.

If you would like to arrange an inspection plan or an urgent inspection, call Concept Pest Management on 07 3161 4401.


Termite Inspections  -   Annual termite inspection to average 3-4 bedroom house
and includes a 12 month warranty